Documentary Filmmaking: Finding the Story

How about finding some raw material in real life?

You can’t invent characters or plot points. You need to select and arrange the findings that express your belief on the subject. At the same time, you need to steer yourself from propaganda, as the work needs to adhere itself to not only the standards of storytelling but also good journalism.

Welcome to the world of Documentary Filmmaking.

My first effort is to always remove any misgivings on the issue of subjectivity on the first day of my film class. God is objective, and she is not telling us. I believe each form of film is an attempt to organize the chaos that is life, the universe. Documentary filmmaking involves choice making on behalf of the filmmaker, and it is always unavoidably subjective. No matter how balanced you keep the film, it can’t be a beacon of objectivity. We all know, some of the most significant truth emerges from fiction.

We choose Documentary Filmmaking as the final outgoing project for our students specializing in Filmmaking at MAHE Dubai. The reason is simple: nonfiction film as a genre has proven to have immense clout and impact: both politically and socially. It’s like for the first time in their life; I want my student to feel like ‘they have a voice, and we provide them all the freedom to express themselves.’ The challenge is to ‘FIND THE STORY’, not necessarily when the film idea is born, but the endless negotiation with its form and how the story of the film evolves…

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sabir haque

Dr. Sabir Haque
Asst Professor
School of Media and Communication
MAHE Dubai Campus

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