The modern day art of storytelling

“In our drive to write those perfect stories about the perfect characters, we’ve lost the very essence of storytelling”


One of the best-known names in the history of storytelling is Ibn Batuta, the Moroccan scholar who toured the medieval world over a period of three decades. His travels covered most of the modern-day Middle East, and even great parts of Africa and East Asia. His journals are still referred to by scholars and learners seeking to better understand the medieval era. What he saw, ate, discussed and communicated is what he made note of, making it one of the better logs of history.

Jane Austen, the revered British author known for her blatant and opinioned characters, framed her stories on the things she observed during the British Regency period. ‘Comedies of manners’ was a common theme—the odd nut in the world of refined gentlemen and prim ladies. Her own personal experiences found their way into her books—she was an amateur pianist, and most of her heroines dabbled in music…

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